Fujitsu video analysis at Worlds

For the first time, the system will be officially used in an FIG competition as an additional tool for confirming difficulty scores on four apparatus.

Specifically, the superior jury – the judges who oversee the competitions – will have the possibility of recourse to the judging support system to review gymnasts’ exercises in cases of inquiry or blocked scores on the Pommel Horse, Still Rings, men’s Vault and women’s Vault. …

The Fujitsu support system will be used by the superior jury in addition to the Instant Replay and Control System (IRCOS), the video replay system used by the FIG in Artistic Gymnastics since the 2005 World Championships. Both systems present significant benefits for the review of gymnasts’ exercises. …

The FIG sees significant potential in the technology developed by Fujitsu, not only in the matter of judging, but also in the future for education, coaching and training. The data provided might help to enhance gymnasts’ movements or correct body posture, and thus aid in lowering the risk of injuries.


A Press Conference is scheduled later in the week.

Steve Butcher confirms that the time-of-hold technology used several times in the past is part of the Rings software. Judges won’t see that data here unless a routine is appealed.

Fujitsu is scanning gymnasts in several poses in advance of the competition. This is being done in a public place with plenty of people around. No doubt they are worried about privacy and transparency.

Gymnasts can opt out, if they choose.

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