day 1 MAG podium training

I’ll be commenting LIVE via Twitter @GymCoaching.

I learned long ago not to read too much into Men’s podium training. But …

  • 1st of two days is over. But more of the strongest routines are on day 2.
  • Russia looked good overall. They have momentum.
  • Haven’t seen China, Japan, USA as yet. Those four should be fighting it out for the team medals.
  • LEE Chih Kai TPE has scored 15.400 this year on Pommels. But he’s in the very first rotation of Worlds. Judges will have to be careful not to let scores escalate over the 2 days.
  • IG: “Petrounias didn’t train rings during podium training because of fatigue in his shoulder, but claims he is 95% ready, and that he will compete on Sunday!”
  • Norway was a surprise team for me on day 1. They look well prepared. Serious.
  • Pressure is on Germany at home. They certainly want to finish top 12 for Olympic qualification. Top 8 will be the goal. Pommels went well.
  • Turkey is the team I most want to qualify for Olympics.  They’ll need an excellent meet to do so.
  • There are Apparatus Finals contenders from many nationsJorge Vega Lopez from Guatemala, for example, has a chance on both Vault and Floor. The guy is clean and is brilliant at landings. Manrique (Cuba) is back from wrist surgery, but hasn’t been training long.

  • Many more Men’s teams are in contention for Olympic qualification than in WAG. Anything can happen. WAG has Beam. But MAG has both Pommels and H Bar and 50% more apparatus. The strategy for many will be HIT and STICK even at the expense of difficulty.
  • If you want to check top AA and apparatus scores so far in 2019, click over to this MAGnastics spreadsheet.

More LIVE coverage:

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