Gymnastics Canada rebrands

From here, we soar.

… pleased to unveil a new brand for the organization as we embark on our 50th Anniversary year …

… new logo, tagline, and social media handles …

Our social media channels have also taken on the new brand and bilingual identity @gymcan1:


Clothing featuring the new Gymnastics Canada logo is now available at our online store: http://shop.gymcan.og.

Gymnastics Canada 

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Easily the best edit they’ve ever produced.

Canada has never had a top notch website nor social media. This looks to me like a big improvement.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “Gymnastics Canada rebrands”

  1. This looks fantastic and very professional.
    I sure wish this same organization would consider finding insurance for our recreational trampoline usage!! Please put effort into this. Recreational gymnastics is the door to competitive gymnastics and the amazing results we’ve seen on the international stage. Canadian clubs pay to certify our recreational coaches in the proper usage of trampolines in a recreational setting. We are very safe!! People put their children in our recreational programs in an effort to have their children learn trampoline among the other events. Now we won’t be allowed to let any recreational athletes touch our trampolines. If you think this won’t effect us financially, you’ll be wrong. Why go to a club when you can go play at a tramp park? If recreational registration goes down, then competitive fees will go up. This will limit who can participate in competitive gymnastics. Unfortunately the best athletes aren’t always the wealthy ones.
    Help us GYMCAN!!


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