Tony Retrosi on “tribalism” in U.S. Gymnastics

It seems inevitable that the current USAG will be disbanded.

Some organization will (eventually) replace it.

No former USAG Board members will be returning. But personally I’d like to see Tom Forster — for example — stay on in his current role. Perhaps some others.

Many in the burn it all down camp assume that everyone currently involved is responsible. That things will be better if everyone is new.

Why? There’s no logic to that. A brand new group of volunteers and staff will stumble and bungle until they get experience.

Tony Retrosi:

We must look for ways to FIX the problem. Not the blame. Fixing the problem is good for all of us. Not one side or the other.

I truthfully believe the best days of gymnastics lay ahead of us. We have great things to accomplish in all disciplines and aspects of the program.

We can work to protect ALL participants while remaining dominant at international competitions. Look at the genuine smiles from the gymnasts at World Championships in Doha and Russia. …

End the Tribalism In Our Sport BEFORE It Ends Us.


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