AP reporter Will Graves on GymCastic

Will Graves is a mainstream sports reporter who actually understands Gymnastics. He was nervous to be exposed as a fraud when talking to Spencer and Jessica, but I found his perspective legit.

(Says he’s been schooled by Nancy Armour and Scott Bregman. 😀)

All three attended Doha Worlds in person.

Will’s outsider’s perspective is interesting in every way. I particularly liked his view on interpreting Simone to the rest of the world. The general public might not know Gymnastics, but they certainly know the name Simone Biles.

Will agrees she’s the most dominant athlete in any sport right now.

In fact, he ponders whether her performance at Worlds prelims might turn out to be peak Simone.

Happily Will’s daughter just started Gymnastics. Hopefully she’ll get him hooked for many years to come. 🙂

Listen up:

341: The Call Is Coming from Inside the House

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