will USOC end USAG?

I thought USAG would be forced to declare bankruptcy after the first lawsuit found them guilty of being complicit in the crimes of their team Doctor.

That could still happen. But they may lose status as the National Governing Body for gymnastics in the United States first.

US Olympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland:

“Today the United States Olympic Committee has filed a complaint initiating a Section 8 proceeding against USA Gymnastics, seeking to revoke USAG’s recognition as a member National Governing Body of the USOC. This is a situation in which there are no perfect solutions. Seeking to revoke recognition is not a conclusion that we have come to easily. …

USOC Statement Regarding Action To Revoke USA Gymnastics’ Recognition As Member National Governing Body

USAG responded:

USA Gymnastics Board of Directors message to the USA Gymnastics membership

I need Spencer to tell me what to think. Jessica to tell me what to feel.

This is the burn it all down scenario.

On the up side, it would be a completely fresh start.

On the down side, gymnasts and coaches may be hurt due to unintended consequences in the transition to an ALL NEW organization.

The USOC’s action Monday triggers a process that includes a hearing before a three-person panel. …

The USOC is known to have revoked the recognition or cut off the funding of an NGB only three times — with taekwondo, team handball and modern pentathlon.

USA Today

It will be difficult to defend the actions of the current Board of Directors. Their decision to hire a former politician as CEO was the last straw for me. I can hardly imagine a worse hire.

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