1988 Olympian Svetlana Baitova interviewed

An Olympic gold medalist speaks. It’s a fascinating read.

Q: Do you often dream about gymnastics?

A: I used to, but I rarely do now. I’ve never dreamed about my favorite bars, only about my hated vault. …

Q: how much money were you paid for your Olympic gold in 1988?

A: I received 8,000 rubles and an apartment. It was a decent amount for that time, you could buy the most coveted car of the time – Lada Sputnik. … 

… On that national team, any single one of us could win the all-around. And the same was the case with the men’s team. I think that those were the strongest USSR teams in the history. This was true not just in Seoul but also in Barcelona in 1992. … 


Click PLAY or watch her Vault on YouTube. The second is Yurchenko Double Twist.

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