Rhonda Faehn asked to retire

Rhonda Faehn was at a national training camp in Tennessee late Thursday afternoon when she got the call from (USA Gymnastics President Kerry) Perry, who asked her to return to the organization’s headquarters in Indianapolis, the sources said. …

Faehn, who did not respond to a request for comment, decided to stay at the camp with the 22 gymnasts and their personal coaches, who were blindsided by the news, the sources said. The last two practices were canceled at the gymnasts’ request, they said.

As of early Friday, Faehn had not resigned, the sources said, and it’s unclear what will happen next. …

USA Gymnastics turmoil: Head of women’s program asked to resign

The move comes days before the organization’s president testifies before Congress.

Timing of that phone call could not have been worse. National Team members were understandably upset with the distraction.


“Rhonda Faehn is no longer with USA Gymnastics. This is a personnel matter that we will not discuss in detail.

We recognize that change can be difficult, but we will not be deterred from making necessary and bold decisions to transform our organization. At USA Gymnastics, we are focused every day on creating a highly empowered culture that puts our athletes first.

Over the next few weeks, we will be communicating some positive changes that reinforce our desire to have our athletes train and compete at the highest level in an empowering and safe environment.

USA Gymnastics is moving forward and positioning for the future with the commitment to our athletes’ safety and well-being at the heart of everything we do. We encourage member clubs, coaches, administrators and the gymnastics entire community to align their efforts to this important task. Together, we will create a culture of empowerment for the young men and women who are pursuing their gymnastics dreams today while honoring those who have gone before them.”

This is a breaking story. There could be even bigger announcements from USAG today.

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