Changing Gymnastics Culture by Dave Tilley

After fifteen years competing up to the college level, and ten years coaching, I have spent the last five years as a medical provider treating almost all gymnasts (Sports Physical Therapy) while also still actively coaching competitive gymnastics at the same time. …

… in an effort to help, I have spent the last twelve months writing a new e-book covering all of these topics and more. I wrote it in an effort to spark conversations on how the sport of gymnastics can move into a new era that prioritizes athlete health, builds positive training cultures, and seeks the most optimal training methods based on scientific research as well as expert coaching opinion.

Shift Movement Science

Dave’s made his book free. Click through to download.

The book is 3 PDFs.

In addition are two resources: Myofascial Release Checklist and a Splits Complex.

I’ll be reviewing my own copy. I’m keen to hear what the sports medicine community has to say. So far as I can see they’ve been very quiet on Nassar. It was gymnasts who finally took him down, not parents or coaches nor his professional fraternity.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “Changing Gymnastics Culture by Dave Tilley”

  1. hell, I don’t need a year or 3 full pdf’s to figure this out….

    here’s what coaches need to understand (as I tell my gymnasts): “I expect them to respect me (coach)…1% of the reason they should respect me is that I know more gymnastics than they do…another 1% is because I’m an adult and have more life experience than they do….the remaining NINETY-EIGHT percent is because I’m a person, and that’s how persons are supposed to be with each other.”

    Implicitly then, I OWE THE GYMNAST 98% respect.
    Put into practice, it solves just about everything that I presume Mr. Tilley intends to say.


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