transparency at Gym Clubs

Recall the BAD OLD DAYS when parents were not allowed to watch training?

Those are gone forever.

Swing open the front door beneath the tin roof at Achieve Gymnastics, and the first thing you see are rows of chairs in front of a glass wall.

The design is intentional.

Viewed through the glass is a large arena where the daughters of more than 800 families train and compete. At least two staff members must be on watch at all times. Security cameras blanket the facility. …

Every door, except for a restroom in use, is left open and unlocked. …

Why the need for so much transparency?

“We can’t afford not to,” said Alan Herron, Achieve’s operations manager. …

Athlete abuse: How local sports organizations are taking charge to protect kids

Inside the walls of Achieve Gymnastics, the staff works daily to bolster the morale of the young athletes.

At my home Gym for some years we had one way mirrors between the spectator areas and the Gym. That worked well. Parents could see in. Kids couldn’t see out.

These days you can put colourful graphics on the Gym side of the mirror.

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