Turnier der Meister – day 2 finals


1. WANG, Cenyu CHN 14,166 (8,766 E-score)
2. SCHAEFER, Pauline GER 14,000 ( 8,800 E-score for the World Champ)
3. KHARENKOVA, Maria RUS 13,766

Click PLAY or watch Cenyu Wang on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Pauline on YouTube.

1. AKHAIMOVA, Liliia RUS 14,000
2. KHARENKOVA, Maria RUS 13,600
3. SCHAEFER, Pauline GER 13,500

Liliia is the most powerful Russian tumbler we’ve seen in … perhaps ever. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch her on YouTube.

1. ASATO, Keisuke JPN 14,966
2. RADIVILOV, Igor UKR 14,883
3. REMKES, Christopher AUS 14,816

P Bars
1. TAN, Di CHN 15,566
2. VERNIAIEV, Oleg UKR 15,166
3. NGUYEN, Marcel GER 15,133

Click PLAY or watch the super clean TAN, Di on YouTube. Front toss to long hang.

H Bar
1. BRETSCHNEIDER, Andreas GER 14,566
2. KIMBLE, Marvin USA 14,033
3. GIACHINO, Pietro NOR 14,000
– TAN, Di CHN 14,000

FIG – Ten take gold at Cottbus Individual Apparatus World Cup

One of the oldest international tournaments in Artistic Gymnastics, the event has been held in Cottbus annually since 1979.

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