Ponor retires at the Mexican Open

One of the all time greats.

Age 30, Cătălina Ponor, is a triple Olympian. (2004, 2012, 2016)

During her career, she won 23 Olympic, World and European medals. More than a half of them (12) were gold.

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3 thoughts on “Ponor retires at the Mexican Open”

  1. Did you cover the revelation that Biles was using amphetamines (with TUE) during the Olympics? The amphetamine-type drugs used to treat ADHD are very much known to increase concentration and make riskier activities easier. Super high usage in baseball, target shooting, football, etc. They are not using it to help with daily activities. They use them to get a sports advantage. And (false) glory and real $$$.

    I like how MMA does it instead. No TUEs. You’re sick, don’t compete. But TUEs have become a sick joke. Unfair to the other athletes.

    You should cover this stuff. There were all kinds of early information on Lance Armstrong. And the sports media turned its eyes for years.


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