are American gymnasts any safer in 2017?

In the fall-out of the Dr. Larry Nassar scandal, I’m not sure they are.

Robert Andrews posted some recommendations:

• We must educate our athletes

• We must educate the (silent) parents

• We must educate coaches

• We must demand a leadership body that is accountable to creating safe, positive, and empowering environments for our gymnasts. …

USAG Sexual Abuse Scandal Is A Symptom Of Deeper Issues (Sept 2017)

At great expense USAG replaced Steve Penny with Kerry J. Perry.

Are gymnasts safer with a new CEO? If so, how?

Is leadership any more accountable than in the past? If so, how?

Are competitive athletes, parents and coaches actually getting more education? Or are they simply offered more education?

The high priced Daniel’s report recommended  ‘cultural change‘ top-to-bottom. Has that actually happened?

What does the new director of SafeSport do day-to-day?

It seems to me USAG is still doing the minimum. Their press releases written by liability lawyers. The goal to protect themselves legally.

Here’s the official response to Aly’s accusations of last week:

USA Gymnastics supports Raisman’s focus on athlete safety, empowerment (Nov 10, 2017)

That statement wasn’t on the home page Nov 11th. You needed to click over to NEWS first to find it. Not exactly up front and transparent.

Many will be checking the USAG home page to see the official response to Aly Raisman’s accusations against Nassar … and not immediately finding any response. 🙁

I didn’t see it on the USA Gymnastics Facebook feed either.

related – Robert Andrews is a sport psychologist who worked with the U.S. men as well as Laurie Hernandez and Simone Biles.

related – Tony Retrosi – New USA Gymnastics president needs to clean house

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