Aly Raisman: I am a victim of sexual abuse

We all need thank Aly and her parents for having the courage to speak out on 60 Minutes. Gymnasts look up to Aly for leadership. More gymnasts will be empowered to speak out when they feel uncomfortable in the presence of a groomer. Coaches and parents will be more cautious in future.

I’m disappointed that USA Gymnastics did not have a spokesperson interviewed in this feature.

… We were told he is the best doctor. He’s the United States Olympic doctor and the USA Gymnastics doctor, and we were very lucky we were able to see him. …

About 165,000 athletes and 3,400 gyms are members of USA Gymnastics. Raisman is calling for major changes in personnel, training, and education to keep athletes safe. …

USA Gymnastics has a long-standing policy that adults should “avoid being alone with a minor.” Despite that policy, Raisman says she was alone with Dr. Nassar. He treated her and other athletes in their hotel rooms during competitions abroad. …

It got even harder in the summer of 2015 — a year before the Rio Games — when an investigator hired by USA Gymnastics paid Raisman a visit. A coach had raised concerns about Dr. Nassar’s treatment of athletes. Raisman says she was caught off guard when the investigator asked her about it. …

After she returned from Rio, she says she spoke with FBI agents who had opened an investigation of Larry Nassar. …

Watch it on 60 Minutes – full interview (14 min)

There are two additional Overtime features via that link.

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