Catlina Ponor – Floor

Cata was (after the competition) deducted for missing the forward tumbling requirement.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

She intended to compete a front layout after the 2 1/2 twist, but didn’t have enough rotation.

Watch her podium training routine (VIDEO) and her old Baku routine (VIDEO) with the same tumbling.

It is embarrassing that the judges didn’t catch it immediately. Romanian Press and fans will be disappointed. But I’ll sleep better knowing that the system worked. They got the score right in the end. Schaefer will compete the Final instead of being wrongly knocked out.

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4 thoughts on “Catlina Ponor – Floor”

  1. She knew she omitted the front tumbling requirement as soon as she didn’t do the layout. Why didn’t Cata throw a front walkover or a random punch front into her routine? If she did anything that counts as front tumbling then she would be in the EF. I’m as disappointed as the Romanian crowd that Cata will miss the floor EF. Cata is a legend. I’m glad to see one of the queens of the sport get home crowd support at a major competition.


    1. Larisa did not do floor. She’s only doing bars and beam at this competition. I would have LOVED to see Larisa win European AA at home. Well, I hope she’s back to AA form by Worlds.


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