more accusations against Dr. Larry Nassar

Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Gretchen Whitmer said a “handful” of people who say they were victims of a Michigan State University doctor have contacted her since an article was published Monday detailing the accounts of two women who allege the doctor sexually abused them.

“As soon as publicity was given to this, more people have reached out,” she said.

Michigan State University police also have received additional complaints …

Detroit Free Press

That article links to contact information for investigators.

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One thought on “more accusations against Dr. Larry Nassar”

  1. Michigan State has received 3 additional complaints, plus their investigation in 2014 (at least 4 people total), the named gymnast in the Indy Star story, the Olympian, the person who contacted USAG in 2015 that lead to Nassar’s “resignation” and USA Gymnastics turning info over to an unnamed “law enforcement agency,” so that’s, conservatively, 7 people, plus the “handful” reported to Ingham County according to the prosecuting attorney quoted by the Free Press in the article above, there’s no reason to believe that Dr. Nassar deserves ANY “benefit of the doubt.” Statistically false sexual assault allegations occur at 2%-10%, even taking the most generous sources of the word “false” … So the idea that all 10 or more young women are “making up” these stories is ludicrous on the face. Even if he’s never found guilt at criminal trial — because prosecuting abuse claims is notoriously difficult, with little physical evidence usually present, particularly years after the face — he should never, EVER have access to patients, of any age or gender, again. Period.


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