gymnast Ananth Rao paralyzed

On October 12, 2010 Ananth Rao was competing in a State competition in India on Floor. He under rotated a 1 3/4 forward salto roll out. And will now spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


‘Paralysed’ gymnast needs a long helping hand

In the draft version of the next Men’s Code of Points roll out skills on Floor are banned. They’ve been banned in the Women’s Code for decades after 1978 World Champion Elena Mukhina was paralyzed.

Congratulations FIG MTC for that decision. Our sport will have far fewer concussions and catastrophic injuries in future.

(via I Coach)

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One thought on “gymnast Ananth Rao paralyzed”

  1. I’m glad the move is banned, but it does seem like FIG has a this trend of not changing the code of points, for the safety of the gymnasts, until a gymnast is seriously injured. FIG should have the safety of the gymnasts as their top priority. It shouldn’t take a major injury before the cop is updated to reflect the safety changes coaches and federations have been requesting.


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