University of Texas swimmer $740,000

The NCAA rules remind me of the bad old days when professionals could not compete in the Olympics. Sooner or later the NCAA are going to have to come to terms with allowing student athletes to profit from their sports.

American collegiate sport allows EVERYONE to profit … aside from the athletes. 😦

This loophole might speed the process.


Singapore’s Joseph Schooling, set to be a junior at the University of Texas, won the gold medal in the 100-meter butterfly at the Rio Olympics …

The achievement – Singapore’s first medal in Rio — qualified him for an award of about $740,000 from the Singapore National Olympic Council that he will be able to keep without forfeiting his remaining college swimming eligibility.

Prior to the NCAA rules change in 2015, that would not have been possible. …

Under the incentive program’s rules, Schooling will have to give 20% of his award money to the Singapore Swimming Association, but he’ll still be left with a tidy sum. …

Olympic swimmer Joseph Schooling scores big in butterfly with $740,000 in win over Phelps

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