Ellie Black 5th AA in Rio

Ellie‘s best international competition ever. 5th all-around.

Click the image to watch her final apparatus – Vault – on CBC. Kyle Shewfelt commentating.

Ellie Vault

NBC Prime did not bother showing any of Ellie’s routines focusing instead on Seda’s terrible day. 😦 Serious Gymnastics fans and coaches should avoid NBC Prime’s edited version of international competitions. All of the available alternatives are more objective & show more routines.

(via Kristi Marks Cloman)

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3 thoughts on “Ellie Black 5th AA in Rio”

  1. Of course NBC focuses only on certain gymnasts! I’m so sick of hearing about how bad NBCs coverage is. Everyone gets all bent out of shape about it, but it’s obvious that they’re doing it to appeal to the masses, not necessarily hardcore gymnastics fans! The general viewer who knows nothing about the sport wants to watch Simone and Aly dominating, not some other gymnast from another country that they know even less about! If I didn’t follow gymnastics and I were only watching during the Olympics, you can bet that I want to see mainly the Americans! It’s about national pride and patriotism! Of course that’s what I want to focus on! People need to understand that the NBC coverage is geared towards the general viewer, who knows nothing about the sport, not gymnastics fans.


  2. Even the non gymnastics fans would prefer to watch routines rather than people standing around waiting. Even though NBC try to cater to the masses they do a bad job at it. But in the US they have a monopoly so it doesn’t hurt them, but it is still terrible coverage.


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