Men’s AA Final results

1. Uchimura JPN 92.365
2. Vernyayev UKR 92.266
3. Whitlock GBR 90.641

full results

It was a thriller. Men’s Gymnastics is almost always more exciting than WAG.

The big battle was Kohei vs Oleg. Both hit 6/6 very well. It could have gone either way.


Many are debating the 6th apparatus – Horizontal Bar.

I thought the judges got it right.

FIG rules are stupid on that apparatus. Uchimura has a huge routine with difficult overbar releases performed with amplitude and excellent leg form. His angles on regrasps are much better than most. Daniel points out that he caught with bent elbows. A fair point.

But in reality Max and Oleg’s routines are Mickey Mouse in comparison. If the three were training together in the Gym all would agree that Kohei is far, far better on pipe. FIG MTC truly has to fix the rules on that apparatus. The cheap difficulty skills must be devalued.

But I would like to go back and watch all three on all 6 apparatus. Seems to me Max was evaluated most generously of the three. His E-score on Rings?

Please leave a comment if you disagree.

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9 thoughts on “Men’s AA Final results”

  1. Compare Max’s e-score to,his actual routine please. He has very little difficulty from strength and hit all his handstands and dismount. Silly comment IMHO.


  2. hell yes I disagree…..where can the judges justify 16-17 tenths deduction on Oleg’s HB routine?

    your suggestion that “cheap difficulty” must be devalued only degrades execution even further than the most recent codes already have… you hate “Artistic” gymnastics as much as you hate kittens?

    kidding on that last accusation.

    (other): please delete the advertisement for US elections candidate….out of place and inappropriate on this forum (yes, that’s redundant, but I really feel strongly about it.)


  3. Since I am the hugest Oleg fan, I will make the case that he should be Olympic champion. Oleg received 15.133 in qualification for that identical high bar routine. Except he had a better dismount in quals. However, I don’t think he was 0.333 worse in the AA. He landed with his chest down and took a hop. I think that AA dismount should only have been deducted 0.3 at the most. So, I don’t know how the judges got 0.333 in deduction.

    OK, OK. I’m really reaching. We know that HB judging is tough. Oleg’s pirouettes were a bit wonkier in AA than in qualifications. If Oleg had lost after doing an HB routine identical to his qualification HB routine, then I would be murderous.

    Oleg was better on PH, rings, and PB. Kohei was better on floor, vault, and HB.
    It’s tough to beat the world’s greatest when his last event is so good. Out of all AA events, I think Oleg’s HB is is worst event. Oleg needs to find a way to improve HB. If he can reliably score above 15.1 on that event, then he’ll eventually be world or Olympic AA champion.


    1. It is an interesting match-up.

      Kohei is clearly better on Floor, Rings (despite the scores) and H Bar. I’d call it about equal on Vault.

      Oleg is much better on Pommels and P Bars.

      Oleg will be 2017 World Champion, I predict. And start his own series of AA wins.


  4. Count me as one who agrees with Kohei’s win. Kohei’s rings were underscored. Also, in my opinion, Oleg didn’t get enough deductions on his Pbars dismount. Oleg’s high bar was scored correctly. As Grace above, who is a self-professed Oleg fan, admitted, Oleg’s pirouettes are much wonkier on high bar. He got hit on a few of those, AS WELL AS the .3 deduction for dismount. It added up to enough deductions for a Kohei win. Still one of the most exciting all around competitions I’ve ever witnessed. Kohei brought it on high bar, and Oleg looked a bit nervous to me when he saw what Kohei did. We all knew it would come down to high bar. King Kohei’s prowess on that event carried the day.

    I do hope Oleg, who is only 22 years old, keeps going in the next quad. Remember a young Kohei lost to then-dominant Yang Wei in 2008 Beijing, but then Kohei won the gold in 2012 London. I’d like to see Oleg do the same thing. No matter what, NO ONE has come as close to Kohei as Oleg has. That was an amazing performance, but an all-time-great took the title. Congratulations to the King!


  5. I wish with all my heart that Oleg had won, but the results were fair. I rewatched the competition and it’s hard to justify Oleg deservedly scoring above Kohei for today’s routines. If anyone got a generous score, it was Oleg, not Kohei. Oleg’s PB score was very generous for that slide and step back on dismount. I raised an eyebrow at Kohei’s ring score (it did seem low.) Oleg’s HB was scored correctly.

    I wish Oleg hadn’t been so amped up for floor. He was hopping all over the place. A few stuck tumbling passes would have made the difference.


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