terrible injury to Samir Aït-Saïd

I don’t want to watch the video. 😦


USA Today

It was a compound fracture of his tibia/fibula. He will have surgery in Rio.

Recall Samir missed the 2012 Olympic Games because of a knee injury on Dragulescu at the European championships in Monptellier.

There’s too much incentive to throw dangerous vaults in both MAG & WAG. I blame FIG rules. 😦

Fabian Hambüchen spoke out to the media on this point after his teammate Toba was injured.

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2 thoughts on “terrible injury to Samir Aït-Saïd”

  1. It really was dreadful to see. I kept saying, “Oh my God!” over and over. I agree with Greg above. Do not watch the video. It’s disturbing. I hope Samir is going to be OK. Sending him good thoughts.


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