IOC doping tests are a mess

The IOC should test all athletes at the Olympic Games. Announce the results.

End of story.

This breaking news is absurd. You should not FOREVER keep going back to retest old samples. 😦

The IOC said that the 30 athletes from the Games came from four sports and eight National Olympic Committees (NOC). …

A third and fourth wave of re-tests will take place throughout and after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, with the samples being re-analysed using the latest scientific methods.

The athletes, NOCs and International Federations concerned by the positive drug tests are being informed, the IOC said, with proceedings against the athletes able to commence after B-samples are tested. …

Twenty-three medallists among 45 positives announced by IOC after second wave of Beijing and London retests

Ukraine's Yulia Kalina was the first athlete to be stripped of a medal after testing positive in the first wave of re-tests ©Getty Images
Ukraine’s Yulia Kalina was the first athlete to be stripped of a medal after testing positive in the first wave of re-tests ©Getty Images


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5 thoughts on “IOC doping tests are a mess”

  1. They retest as science advances, so they can detect performance enhancing drunks that could escape detection before. This is just appropriate rigor. If they cheated the deserve to get caught.


  2. I feel like there should be a window after receiving a gold and passing a drug test that the standing should stand FOREVER. That being said, I do not condone cheating with performance-enhancing drugs, nor the use of any other banned substances. But, if a positive result goes unnoticed, or if certain substance passes the drug tests of that particular Olympic Games, the result should stand. Who’s fault is it, the failure of those administering the rests or those who decide which drugs are accessible and which are not? After all, Olympic all-around champion Raducan was stripped of her gold for using an over-the-counter cough medication that is no longer banned. That being said, if they plan on taking old golds away, maybe they should give back some that were earning and deserving of gold: Comaneci in ’80, Miller ’92, Raducan ’00, to start a few!


  3. It’s actually a good thing that they can go back and re-test old samples. It is an extra-deterrent against cheating. Athletes may think they can beat current testing, but can they beat future testing capabilities? It will make many think twice, especially as more former athletes get caught. It also gives a stronger validation to the champions who never test positive.


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