Russian gymnasts should NOT be banned from Rio

Whilst FIG fully supports the IOC’s policy of “Zero Tolerance in Doping”, it strongly feels that not all Russian athletes of all sports should be banned and found guilty for actions in other sports and federations.

Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline athletes cannot be judged based on other sports. …

FIG raises serious concerns about possible blanket ban on Russian athletes

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics has been closely following this story – No Russia for Rio? – WADA/McLaren report set to recommend blanket ban

The good news?

IOC Executive Board member blasts USADA and CCES for calling for blanket Rio 2016 ban on Russian athletes in leaked letter

For the record, the Olympic boycotts of 1980 and 1984 were also terribly unfair to completely innocent athletes.


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2 thoughts on “Russian gymnasts should NOT be banned from Rio”

  1. State directed cheating program resulted in >312 positive tests from at least 28 sports since 2011. That is very serious. How can we be certain that gymnastics wasn’t involved? How will Russia take this seriously so that they don’t do it again unless there is a real penalty? A strong message needs to be sent and the entire Russian team should be banned.


    1. ‘How can we be certain that gymnastics isn’t involved?’ The FIG has made public the fact that it has clean doping records for all of Russia’s artistic gymnasts. The FIG Athletes’ Commission supports the inclusion of their peers from Russia, all demonstrably clean athletes, in the Games.
      Gymnastics is one of ten sports that do not feature in the McLaren report at all.
      Blanket justice is poor because it punishes the innocent as well as the guilty. A fundamental principle of justice is innocent until proved guilty, not guilty until proved innocent.
      Gymnastics has one of the cleanest doping records of any sports. The world gymnastics community will be hard hit by the unfair exclusion of clean gymnasts from the Rio Games. The gymnastics competition at the Rio Games will forever bear a question mark by its name if the IOC refuses the gymnasts permission to participate, and gymnastics will be the poorer.
      A blanket ban is a knee jerk reaction and I trust that the IOC will be able to find a just, fair and reasonable solution that will support clean athletes, sport and the continued growth of the Olympic movement.


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