Chusovitina 15,600 vault

Here’s what FIG judges award a 15,600. 😦


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

When are FIG WTC going to fix the vault rules?

Second vault very impressive, however. She’s in good shape for Rio.

(via Gymternet)

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2 thoughts on “Chusovitina 15,600 vault”

  1. She got a 15.6 because she got an 8.6 execution score. Once you deduct for a fall, you can’t take any other landing deductions, so all they could deduct after 1 point was her form, and it wasn’t that bad. .1 on the preflight, .1 for the legs in post flight. Then deduction for underrotation with fall (.3). What I listed would be an 8.5. Possibly another tenth for lack of height. There’s no way this vault goes below 15 judging by the code’s standards.


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