Kate Foster – Good Morning America

Kate Foster lost her leg to a leukemia-related infection when she was 12, but she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a competitive gymnast.

“I’ve never really found anything that I’ve loved more,” Foster, now 16, told ABC News. …


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One thought on “Kate Foster – Good Morning America”

  1. It’s the beginning of the Olympics, and I usually watch some of the meets and I usually like the Ladies Gymnastics. They were showing some “shorts” on participants and I just started to watch and I said ” Oh my! That’s the the young lady I always watch on the St Judes’s ads. I have always wondered what happened to you, Kate Foster. You always so inspired a 75 yr old Floridian formerly from Illinois. You showed such strength and beamed like the eyes of God were upon you. ( I often feared you passed away.) No wonder I was so glad to see you on TV in the 2016 Olympics. I definitely will be watching, cheering, and praying for you and your teammates. Bring home the “GOLD”. I chall continue to pray for you and encourage you to ask God to continue His watch over you as you consider a career. You are smart and I believe you would make an excellent Physician. I am a retired nurse so I know the traits needed to be successful medical servant of God. Thank you for inspiring me for so many years. I have a 52 yr old son diagnosed @ 3 weeks ago with oral cancer. Please remember him in your prayers. USA-Kate-USA-Kate !!!!!!


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