Simone Biles – backward handspring

Long. Resulting in a sharp attack angle.

But is as so often the case, it’s not necessarily the target technique for every gymnast.

Personally I like beginners to do long, low backward handspring series. Later change the technique to whatever works best for each tumbling line.

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Larrissa Miller 14.400 FX

Australian Gymnastics Blog posted a report – National Championships 2016: Senior Men’s & Women’s All-Around

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related – Aussie 2016 Olympian Michael Merceica injured his hand on P Bars at Nationals. Hopes to be back in time for Rio.

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Sao Paulo Challenge Cup Finals 2

Daniele won 3 gold medals. I think the veteran is ready for Rio. 🙂

1 HYPÓLITO, Daniele BRA 14,350
2 CASTRO, Simona CHI 13,050
3 ANDRADE, Rebeca BRA 13,000

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1 HYPÓLITO, Daniele BRA 13,950
2 BUI, Kim Ngam GER 13,550
3 PEDRO, Carolyne BRA 13,300
3 CASTRO, Simona CHI 13,300

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Brazil could certainly be top 5 in team with a hit meet at the Olympics. Those excited home fans will help.

1 MARIANO, Arthur BRA 14,800
2 SASAKI, Sérgio BRA 14,675
3 OKA, Jumpei JPN 13,775

P Bars
1 CALVO MORENO, Jossim COL 15,550

H Bar
1 SASAKI, Sérgio BRA 15,250
2 IMABAYASHI, Kaito JPN 14,850
3 CORDOBA, Nicolas ARG 14,800

Bretschneider had 7.3 difficulty but missed regrasp on Yamawaki, his easiest release.

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full results

FIG – Daniele Hypolito, South Americans shine in Sao Paulo

Varna World Cup – Finals 2

Beam … no falls in the Final 🙂
1. Marine Boyer (FRA) 6.2 8.3 14.5
2. Thi Ha Thanh Phan (VIE) 6.3 8.067 14.367
3. Ilaria Kaeslin (FRA) 5.8 8.3 14.1

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1. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 6.1 8.633 14.733
2. Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI) 5.5 8.433 13.933
3. Evegeniia Shelgunova (RUS) 5.5 7.867 13.367

full results

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U.S. Women’s L10 J.O. Championships conclude

The top three in each division are as follows.

Junior D: 1. Gabryel Wilson of MAG, 38.900; 2. Cassie Stevens of Arizona Sunrays, 38.475; 3. Nevaeh DeSouza of Dream Xtreme, 38.150.

Junior E: 1t. Payton Richards of Aerial Gymnastics, and Rachel Baumann of WOGA, 38.350; 3. Karley McClain of All American, 38.300.

Junior F: 1t. Abby Heiskell of Southeastern and Shaylah Scott of Metroplex, 38.575; 3. Jade Carey of Oasis, 38.475.

Senior D: 1. Kyla Bryant of Georgia Elite, 38.700; 2. Kyana George of Metroplex, 38.550; 3. Kennedi Edney of Precision Gymnastics, 38.375.

Senior E: 1. Taylor Houchin of GMG, 38.475; 2t. Kimberly Tessen of All American, and Paige Williams of Metroplex, 38.125.

Senior F: 1. Maddie Karr of Twin City Twisters, 39.025; 2. Cassidy Keelen of Texas Dreams, 38.575; and 3. Rachel Dickson of MEGA, 38.475.

Click PLAY or watch Gabby Wilson’s 9.8 FX on YouTube. Great amplitude.

I don’t see Gabby committed to any College team, as yet. 🙂

Eythora Thorsdottir wins IAG

Eythora Thorsdottir got off to a rough start at yesterday’s IAG SportEvent, earning a 12.6 on beam after two big wobbles and a fall.

But the Dutch gymnast known for her beauty and expression shook herself off and went on to win the all-around title, showcasing three upgraded routines, including a creepily fabulous new (and amazingly creepy) floor for a 14.3 as well as a DTY on vault, earning a 15.033 there.

The vault upgrade is especially key, as the majority of gymnasts in the Netherlands are competing fulls, which gave the team a disadvantage in team competition. Something like this can add nearly a point to the women’s team total, meaning Thorsdottir is now all but a lock to make the team going to Rio this summer. …

Thorsdottir Upgrades, Wins IAG Title

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I love it. 🙂

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Osijek WAG Final day 2

1 Ellie DOWNIE GBR 6,100 14,950
2 Maria KHARENKOVA RUS 6,300 14,925
3 Seda TUTKHALIAN RUS 6,400 14,650

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1 Ellie DOWNIE GBR 6,000 14,525
2 Natalia KAPITONOVA RUS 5,800 14,100
3 Yana HOROKHOVA UKR 5,400 13,850

full results

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Ellie Downie continued to make history for Great Britain with a full sweep of the gold medals at the 2016 FIG World Challenge Cup, held this weekend in Osijek.

Downie, 16, dominated with golds on women’s vault and uneven bars and Saturday followed by the balance beam and floor exercise titles on Sunday. It was the best performance to date from Downie, whose combined total in Osijek would have resulted in a personal best 59.125 all-around score. …

Downie Dominates Osijek with Full Sweep