Journey to the Games – Episode 1: Madison Kocian

Inside Gymnastics magazine is pleased to announce the launch of its new weekly video series, Inside Look: Journey to the Games! Featuring hopefuls for the 2016 Olympic Games …

In Episode 1, 2015 World Champion Madison Kocian talks about her training in gymnastics, the impact of her gym’s focus on fundamentals and her outlook in the sport. …

Inside Gymnastics

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will Belgium qualify a team to Rio?

Lauren Hopkins:

This year, Belgium will once again compete at the test event, but now they’re going in not on the cusp of the top 16, but in the top half of the eight teams that will compete for the four remaining Rio spots this April. With an 11th place finish in Glasgow despite injuries to two of their competing members and with two of their best athletes too young to compete, Belgium will travel to Rio as one of the most capable teams with the odds of qualifying a full team to the Olympic Games greatly in their favor.

Why does all of this matter? Nina Derwael, a 15-year-old from the village of Velm, was one of those juniors left at home during worlds last year and should be instrumental in bringing her team to Rio next summer.

Look for Nina at the Olympic test event in Rio this April, and then again at the Belgian Championships in May. …

Meet the Elite: Nina Derwael

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