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10.0: The Nadia Comaneci Story

February 24, 2016 by Ellen Aim (Author)

Growing up in Romania, Nadia Comaneci was just a five-year-old kid who performed cartwheels for fun. Nine years later, she tumbled her way into the history books when she became the first gymnast to earn a 10.0 at the Olympics. …



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Shawn Johnson’s new book

A young adult novel. The Flipside.

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22 G.S. George articles

An archive of newsletter articles by Dr. Gerald George can be found here.

A sample — “The Mechanics of Impact“:

… The effectiveness of the take-off sets the uppermost limits of what the gymnast can hope to obtain during the airborne phase of any skill. During this moment, the path (trajectory) followed by the performer’s center of gravity, as well as the quantity of rotary motion (angular momentum) available for skill execution, are irrevocably established. …

Once the gun has been fired, there is no turning back…for the trajectory and momentum of its bullet are irrevocably established! …