Round-off 1/4 twist into tumbling

If you do 1/4 twist while still in contact with the ground, should you get credit for the intended skill?

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

I know FIG MTC is looking at that technique.

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8 thoughts on “Round-off 1/4 twist into tumbling”

  1. This round off 1/2 attempt should get the same .3 or .5 deduction that is taken when any skill is under twisted by that much.. I was under the impression it already was getting hit…


  2. Wow Rick. What a can of worms you are opening 🙂

    I am quite certain these deductions are not taking place…this roundoff has become a technique which is being taught now…it has become a super efficient way to twist and has blurred the line between tricking and tumbling. It’s super cool actually…

    But strictly speaking the CoP says of “Incomplete Twist”;
    Up to 30 degrees -0.1 (small error)
    31-60 degrees -0.3 (medium error)
    61-90 degrees -0.5 (large error)
    >90 degrees -0.5 (large error) + non-recognition

    The video you share shows at least a large error…and probably a large error and a skill that shouldn’t be recognized.

    For sure this isn’t happening.

    If they apply the rule as per the CoP suddenly triple-full becomes a very hard trick again…as it was in the past. Maybe that is a good thing…
    but what is better for the growth and evolution of the sport.

    You can’t have rules govern a sport and not apply them…
    Change the rules?

    You opened a can of worms!


  3. I feel like for any twisting more than a triple full, this should be forgiven or allowed since that’s a crazy amount of spinning. But anything less should be penalized


  4. I’m a purist and feel that the technique should be deducted. If you can’t land 1/4 rotation short, why should you be allowed to cheat the takeoff. It also creates a lot of off axis twisting.


  5. Question rather than a comment: Does that count as backward tumbling, or is it forward tumbling with a cool lead-up skill? It seems more than a 1/4 twist. He’s facing forward when his feet are still touching the ground.


  6. With the way other countries are innovating new techniques especially Japan when it comes to twisting. Maybe we want to go in the direction of treating this as a new hybrid (calling it a front roundoff) and saying the gymnast did a randi. Front layout with 2 1/2 twist.


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