Ski Jumping Judging Bias

Ski jumping competitions involve subjective evaluations by judges from different countries.

This may lead to nationalistic bias, according to which judges assign higher scores to their compatriots.

To test this claim empirically, we exploit within-performance variation of scores from all World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Games competitions between the 2010/11 and 2016/17 seasons. (15,000 jumps)

Our findings confirm that judges assign significantly higher scores to their compatriots. The magnitude of this nationalistic bias is significantly higher in more corrupt countries.

We do not find that judges assign significantly different scores to jumpers whose compatriots are present on the judging panel. …

March 2021 – Scandinavian Journal of EconomicsNationalistic Bias among International Experts: Evidence from Professional Ski Jumping

Most biased were the Russian judges. Judges from Finland and Norway showed no bias.

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