2 thoughts on “work wrist strength”

  1. I would be very careful about doing wrist curls. That is a vulnerable part of the body and prone to injury at exhaustion (the point of weightlifting). Wrist curls can also exacerbate elbow (golfer’s, tennis) issues.

    A better plan is just to incorporate dumbell lifts (and AVOID barbell) lifts, because of the stabilization involved. But even here, be careful. If wrist/elbow pain arises, then do preferentially neutral plane exercises (fist with palm facing inwards, not up or down).

    In general, when looking at a lifting program for skill athletes (especially gymnastics, but also wrestling, football, tennis, etc.), your priorities should be:

    1. Avoiding overuse injury from the lifting program, itself!

    2. Building up (very safely) to avoid injuries from the sport. (knees, shoulders, neck).

    3. Building functional strength for the sport.

    In particular, it’s important to differentiate the type of training that makes sense for a bodybuilder or weightlifter, who has no outside sports needs, from that of an in-season athlete who has skills to do, practice to get through, etc.


  2. Great video with a huge amount of original skills.

    I do kvetch about 4:45 though. That ain’t swinging horse. Those are handstand pirouettes. I don’t care what the rules say just. Just mechanically those are.


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