how NCAA teams are training safely

College Gym News:

The (LSU) Tigers recently installed a Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction system (CASPR) unit. This high-end unit goes into the HVAC system, retailing around $85,000, and essentially attacks and kills every airborne passage in the air and on surfaces in their gym, operating 24/7.  …


In 2017, Utah installed UV, hospital-quality lights in high-touch areas. Farden explains that UV lights scrub everything, killing COVID-19. These lights are in their locker rooms, bathrooms, foyer, storage areas and any room with high-touch and high-frequency traffic.

OSU recently added an AIR-THX filtration system, in addition to a spray system. …

As Teams Return to Campus With New COVID Protocols, Coaches Are Optimistic for a 2021 Season

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