Dutch coach Gerrit Beltman admits abuse

This article is in Dutch.

I used Google Translate.

Beltman (64), still active as a coach … :

“The behavior I showed is in no way justifiable. I insisted on winning, at the expense of everything …

I am deeply ashamed now. Never have I consciously intended to hit, to curse, to hurt or to belittle. But it did happen….

… thought it was the only way to cultivate a top sport mentality. I blame myself for failing.” …

Gym coach Gerrit Beltman breaks silent about his inhumane training methods: ‘I mistreated and humiliated young gymnasts to win medals. I am deeply ashamed’

Recall that former Dutch gymnasts Stasja Köhler and Simone Heitinga wrote a book detailing the abusive training methods they endured as elite gymnasts. The coaches accused were Gerrit Beltman and Frank Louter.

The Dutch Federation responded but did not apologize, perhaps on the advice of lawyers:

We continue to call on all athletes of all levels to report to the Center for Safe Sports and / or the Institute of Sports Justice (ISR) if they have experienced undesirable behavior, both now and in the past. …

The Dutch Federation has also launched an independent investigation focusing on top athletes from the age of 12 who were active from 2013.

Beltman coached in Belgium and Canada, as well as Netherlands.

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