UC Davis’ Alexis Brown interview

Today Alexis is a student at the prestigious Royal Veterinary College in London.

But in 2017 she began taking a knee during the national anthem prior to competitions as a symbolic protest of police brutality against black and brown bodies.

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Remember when you all were appalled at kneeling? Remember when you asked me to quiet down my Black voice so that you did not have to feel uncomfortable? Micro-aggressions and anti-Black actions continue in the gym everyday whether your privilege allows you to see them or not. I’m no longer upset with you if you’ve now chosen to be an active member of change- I embrace you and love you. Here’s what I’m demanding in reparations from the gymnastics community and ALL athletes: ▪️all coaches, gymnasts, parents of gymnasts, gymnastics teams I need you to speak up. Your silence shows that you are on the side of the oppressor. ▪️go to naacp.org and theactionpac.com among others to educate yourself, donate and activate ▪️amplify Black voices: listen to what we have to say and get LOUD to spread the word. – if this makes you uncomfortable take a moment for reflection and ask yourself why the truth is painful ▪️yes, this is a long list of demands but you’ve caused your Black gymnasts a long list of pains so go do your part. ✊🏾🖤

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Though some athletes and organizations praised her courage, Alexis recalls now the disapproval of coaches and teammates, and harassment from fans. In 2017 she was overall outstanding female athlete of the year in all sports at UC Davis.

The only black athlete on her team.

Listen to her on GymCastic #427:

Black Lives Matter

The Chancellor made a personal support of the protests.

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