can you kill COVID-19 with ultraviolet light?

Some Gyms are considering ultraviolet light sanitizing wands for disinfecting Bars, Beams, etc.

At this point, I’d not recommend the technology. 

UV-C works well for purifying liquids. And it’s been used for making food safer for over 50 years.

UV-C light probably kills the new COVID-19 virus IF the light is strong enough, direct enough, and long enough. As I post, however, that’s not yet been scientifically proven.

It did work on MERS and SARS.

But light wands work best on flat, hard surfaces.

UV-C light is dangerous for humans, as well. UV light can cause cancer. Damage eyes. It’s difficult to protect yourself while waving a wand.

NY is testing whether using  powerful ultraviolet lamps can disinfect subways and buses.  In future there might be a way to turn on UV-C lights at night in the Gym to help sanitize.

Companies are working on new ways to disinfect hard surfaces with UV-C light waves.  Robots, for example.

Hospitals and airlines are using the technology.  Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

read more – Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

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2 thoughts on “can you kill COVID-19 with ultraviolet light?”

  1. A friend of mine severely burned his eyes using a UV light wand. This resulted in him having to go to the hospital and being unable to see, or really open his eyes, for three days. The danger here is that like with a sunburn the damage isn’t seen immediately, as it has a slow onset. So, it can be difficult to gauge if, and how severely, you’ve damaged your eyes. In most cases a person can recover from a UV eye burn in a couple of days, but in more severe cases the damage can be permanent—and again, there’s no telling how much you’re damaging your eyes in the moment. Using a UV light wand without proper eye protection is like sitting in a tanning bed without goggles. It should also be noted that this friend was working in a lab and was wearing goggles that were ostensibly UV protective, but apparently they weren’t good enough.

    Tl;dr UV lights can be incredibly dangerous and aren’t really worth the risk.


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