Mai Murakami will not be at Worlds

Mai Murakami is the 2017 World Champion on floor exercise, the 2018 World all-around silver medalist, and a three-time Japanese national all-around champion (2016–2018).

Leaving her off the Worlds team is like leaving Kawhi Leonard off your basketball team. A disaster.

Mai did not qualify to Worlds through the official system. And it sounds like she will not be given any kind of petition to TRY for the team.

Poor planning on the part of the Japanese Federation.

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2 thoughts on “Mai Murakami will not be at Worlds”

  1. “Mai did not qualify to Worlds through the official system.”…..apparently the Japanese required a competition (or series of competitions) based on judged (objective) results, it was determined by ‘rank order’ that there were “x” number of gymnasts who performed better than Mai and therefore had earned their spots on the team.

    Marta Karolyi certainly objects to this proceedure, but I’m not sure why you would.


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