do you find this Gymnastics photo controversial?

The top photo. Not the bottom photo.  😀

Head Coach Greg Marsden used the top photo for a billboard promoting University of Utah Gymnastics in 1993.

Dvora Meyers:

More than two decades ago, a billboard went up in Salt Lake City near the 600 South exit of the I-15. It featured a young woman in repose clad in a sleeveless black leotard, her back to the viewer and her head tilted up. …

The woman on the billboard wasn’t a model but a gymnast on that 1992-93 team, 19-year-old sophomore Aimee Trepanier, whose pose from her floor routine was advertised as a way to sell competition tickets for the then-defending NCAA champions.

But to others in Salt Lake City, the ad was selling something else — sex. …

It’s a fascinating story.

In fact, the University’s athletic director Chris Hill had already decided to remove the billboard ahead of schedule. Utah is a very conservative State.

Click through for the long read.

The Gymnast’s Position

Aimee Trepanier was proud to showcase the pose that started her 1993 gymnastics floor routine in a billboard ad off I-15 in Salt Lake City. But when Utahns looked up, that’s not what they saw.

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One thought on “do you find this Gymnastics photo controversial?”

  1. No to be too prudish, but that’s a whole lotta butt hanging out for a conservative, mormon dominated state. just sayin’


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