R.I.P. Carol Johnston

One of the gymnasts that inspired me most in my life, Carol Johnston, died of complications from Early On-set Alzheimers. We trained together as kids at Altadore Gymnastics.

Julie Knight Bowse posted in Gymnastics – A Golden Era

“It is with a heavy heart that I let all of you know that Carol Johnston-Koniar [“Lefty”] passed away on Saturday, May 11, 2019 ….

Carol and I were teammates and roommates at Cal State Fullerton and remained lifelong friends. Her husband called me Saturday and asked that I inform the gymnastics community. He is grateful that she is no longer suffering.” 😥

Click PLAY or watch her Beam on Facebook.

related – Her husband Scott D. Koniar posted her medical story in the Gianna Homes newsletter in 2017.

My wife Carol Johnston Koniar was born with one arm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. …

Her parents encouraged her to not let her one arm be a handicap. Carol grew up enjoying both ice skating and gymnastics.

Carol … received a scholarship to Cal State Fullerton.

In 1979, Disney produced a documentary short on Carol entitled The Truly Exceptional: Carol Johnston.

The documentary was turned into a feature film Lefty, which premiered across the nation as part of Disney’s Wonderful World series.

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Click PLAY or watch a Cal State Fullerton tribute on YouTube.

via Fans of Canadian Gymnastics

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