new Elena Produnova interview


Elena Produnova is currently coaching in Nalchik, at the South of Russia and hopes to one day raise gymnasts that will make the national team.  …

Q: You said that you had fantastic coaches…

A: Yes, I was very lucky. After Elena Pechenzhiyeva who coached me from the age of five, Ruslan Lavrov and Veronika Yakubova became my coaches. They raised me and passed me on to the national team and they did absolutely everything for me …

Q: Can you answer how you did it? (Handspring Double Front)

A: This vault was invented by Ruslan Spiridonovich. I started learning it with him, and it continued for a long time, in the form of a game. No one thought, or at least I couldn’t even suppose that I would go back to this vault and would do it in competition. Such a thought didn’t even occur to me. But then Leonid Arkayev remembered about it in the right time and implemented what was once trained. …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “new Elena Produnova interview”

  1. See, NO ONE did that vault like Produnova once did. As far as I’m concerned, no one after has actually landed it in competition. Dipa and Yamilet were the closest, but you can’t tell me that they actually landed it successfully- they clearly sat it down (so their feet were not the only things touching the ground after landing) but were able to stand up very quickly. That alone should be considered a fall, yet I feel like everyone ignores that.


  2. Produnova also did it on the old vault. I always wonder if she would have been able to perform it as good on the “new” table.


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