Oklahoma, Georgia to Nationals

OKLAHOMA 198.475
GEORGIA 198.050

CAL 197.675
KENTUCKY 197.600

It took 198+ to get through — #ScoreInflation — but what a competition. Spencer called the judging “unprofessional and atrocious“.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma, Georgia to Nationals”

  1. Do college judges ever get in trouble for really bad judging? I just came home from this meet. Clearly the best two teams came out on top, and it was a great meet, with GA clearly fired up. However, at times the scores seemed so off that at first I was confused and kept thinking the scores held up must be for a different gymnast, until I realized that no, the judging was just wrong.


    1. I don’t recall judges ever getting sanctioned in NCAA.

      FIG judges are occasionally given Yellow Cards or even Red Cards. But officiating in College is not scrutinized. I doubt there are referees in any College sport who get off so easily when they bungle.


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