World Champs Ri Se Gwang, Zou Jingyuan & EPKE

1. Ri Se Gwang PRK 14.933
2. Dalaloyan Artur RUS 14.883
3. Shirai Kenzo JPN 14.675


Some felt Dom Cunningham who finished 4th could have deserved Bronze. Kenzo was not deducted for stepping over the line on his stuck landing vault 2. There’s no deduction for landing ON the line.

P Bars
1. Zou Jingyuan CHN 16.433
2. Verniaiev Oleg UKR 15.591
3. Dalaloyan Artur RUS 15.366


Zou’s P Bars was the single best routine of the competition. I had him at 9.8 E-score.

Some, including myself, would have been happier if the Bronze had gone to Sam Mikulak 15.233.

H Bar
1. Zonderland Epke NED 15.100 (Exe. 8.300)
2. Uchimura Kohei JPN JPN 14.800 (Exe. 8.400)
3. Mikulak Samuel USA USA 14.533 (Exe. 8.433)

Jon Horton and others point out that the E score panel did not do their job. Though Epke deserved to win, there’s no way his E-score should be close to Kohei or Sam.

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