USAG names interim CEO

1. USAG needs a full-time CEO immediately.

2. The interim CEO is a former Republican Congresswoman who instantly ignited backlash from everyone I’ve seen on Twitter.

Including Simone Biles.

This is yet another poor decision in a long series of poor decisions. Needless to say, they needn’t bother approaching Nike for U.S. National team sponsorship. Ever.

Mary Bono.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

3 thoughts on “USAG names interim CEO”

  1. What exactly does she have against Nike that would lead her to actually post something that could easily have gone unposted? Especially considering she just got the top job – if only temporarily – at an organization that could really use a sponsor? Weiiird


    1. Yes. Everyone knows.

      I could list 12 quick reasons why they should not have hired this person. Nor any former politician. Bono will be history soon. But the incompetence of USAG continues.


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