Sae Miyakawa defends her abusive coach

I feel he should be banned AND arrested. This kind of physical punishment was quite common in Japan in the past. But I thought it was no longer tolerated.

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On August 15, 2018, gymnastics coach, Yuto Hayami, was banned indefinitely by the Japan Gymnastics Association (JGA) from coaching gymnasts. …

On August 29, 18-year-old gymnast, Sae Miyakawa, held a press conference emotionally protesting the banning of her coach …

Miyakawa also said that while her coach, Hayami, did sometimes hit her, she wanted him restored as her coach. …

The Olympians – The Complex Case of Sae Miyakawa and Power Harassment in Japanese Women’s Gymnastics

The story is tied to the suspension of Chieko and Mitsuo Tsukahara.


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2 thoughts on “Sae Miyakawa defends her abusive coach”

  1. I never realised that type of training existed in Japan. Japanese culture seems to be very much based on respect which doesn’t seem to fit with abusive coaching.


  2. It’s actually about respecting people “above” you… If anything even more so than in US… So the set up is def there for this kind of abuse and tolerance of it if the “above” do not think about their action….


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