Elena Davydova interview

Elena Davydova is Head Coach and Owner of Gemini Gymnastics in Ontario. She’s the 1980 Olympic Champion and currently sits on the FIG WTC.

Elena Davydova gave an interview to Oksana Tonkacheeva for the magazine of the Russian artistic gymnastics federation. …

Davydova is one of the few people in the artistic gymnastics world who attended the Olympic Games in three roles – a gymnast (for USSR in 1980), a coach (for Canada in 2012) and a judge (also for Canada, in 2016). …


The 1970s were the era of discovering new elements. We were practically attacking them even though there was no method of learning them. … I watched Aleksandr Tkachev training his releases (we both lived in Voronezh at the time and sometimes trained in the same gym), so I ran to my coach Gennadi Korshunov and told him: why don’t I try this? …

Q: How did you end up in Canada?

A: It’s a personal story. Or rather, a problem. The complications of a difficult birth seriously affected the health of my oldest son. The treatment that our doctors offered wasn’t helping. … 

By the way, I want to say special thanks to Andrey Fyodorovich Rodionenko. During his years of working in Canada, the authority of a coach grew a lot. …

Q: How do you separate your emotions when both Canadians and Russians compete?

A: Oh, I’m nervous for everyone equally. … 


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