coach Renald Knysh accused of rape

Olga Korbut first publicly accused her coach, Renald Knysh, of raping and physically abusing her in 1999, long before the #metoo movement. Knysh continues to deny the accusations and Korbut continues to insist on them. …

While Knysh was never found guilty of rape or abuse, he stopped coaching in the early 1980s after the first rape allegations …


Knysh was investigated by Soviet officials in 1981 after a young gymnast in Hrodno overdosed on nitroglycerin in an attempt to kill herself — leaving behind a suicide note that cited Knysh as the reason she wanted to die. …

#MeToo In Belarus: Ex-Teammates Bolster Korbut’s Sexual-Assault Charges Against Coach

Knysh was the coach of two Olympic champions Yelena Volchetskaya and Olga Korbut, as well as USSR champion Tamara Alekseeva.

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