2 more USAG non-disclosure agreements?

USA Gymnastics reached in December 2016 a confidential out-of-court settlement with an NDA with Olympic champion McKayla Maroney.

But were there others?

We’d believed McKayla was the only one.

After Scott Reid turned up two more cases, here’s the response:

“USA Gymnastics answered specifically and truthfully in its response to Senators Blumenthal and Moran.

USA Gymnastics does not use or require a non-disclosure agreement as part of an investigation.

The Senators asked about investigations, not settlements. To clarify the facts, approximately 10 years ago, mutual settlements were separately reached in two publicly filed lawsuits. As you recited, the settlement agreements included routine language that the plaintiffs would not disclose the amount of the settlement or the terms of the agreement beyond family, accountants and taxing authorities.

The plaintiffs in these cases are not bound by any other confidentiality restrictions, and their allegations have always been a matter of public record. USA Gymnastics encourages them to speak about their experiences if they so choose to help prevent abuse in the sport. …

USA Gymnastics denies using non-disclosure agreements, but two settlements say otherwise

Thanks Jim.

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