2 thoughts on “April is Child Abuse Prevention month”

  1. Says an org whose 2008 and 2012 Olympic coaches were accused of/arrested for abuse, who harbored a monster at its highest levels for 20+ years and is currently denying all legal responsibility for doing so … How about, USAG stops doling out advice until they take responsibility; Until they hold themselves and those in charge accountable for their incredible lack of oversight. How about an organization with the worst possible reputation and preventing this very thing work on ACCEPTING and IMPLEMENTING expert advice to protect kids, instead of acting as if they’re an authority?!?


  2. Again, this poster is predominantly aimed at preventing sexual abuse. When will governing bodies start to discuss the far more prevalent issues of emotional/physical abuse in gymnastics? These can also have devastating effects yet are often overlooked as necessary to build mental toughness, by national coaching staff, personal coaches, parents and also gymnasts. The most effective way to prevent abuse within gymnastics is through a culture change; until that happens flyers like this are pointless as it only tackles a relatively small part of the problem.

    For further reading take a look at my recent blog post regarding these issues –



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