red flags for Gymnastics parents

Coach and Mom Nicole Paseka Grundmeier advises parents to ask these questions:

1. Will I be allowed to watch my child practice once she joins the competitive team?

2. Will my child be required to be home-schooled now or when she reaches a certain competitive level?

3. Will the coaches weigh my child at practice or at any other time?

4. Will my child get a snack break during practice?

5. Will my child be punished with painful conditioning for mistakes made inside the gym?

6. How will the coach respond if my child is afraid of a skill or bails on a skill?

7. What percentage of my child’s teammates suffer from overuse injuries?

8. Do my child’s teammates cry frequently at the gym?

9. Do my child’s coaches communicate well with me?

10. Will my child ever be alone with a coach?

Toxic coaching tactics enabled Larry Nassar to abuse girls. Here’s how to know if your gym uses them.

I’d add one red flag I look for in every Gym I visit …

How many older girls are on the competitive team?

If there are few (or none) when and why did they quit?

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