in defence of Valeri Liukin

It’s probably easier for Gymnastics in the USA to start from scratch. Replace everyone who had any position of responsibility while Nassar was committing his crimes.

I understand it’s easier, too, for Valeri to resign. Otherwise there would be lingering doubt

Some of the coaches who know Valeri extremely well, however, are thanking him for what he’s done for the National Team program.

Read Tom Forster’s comments on Facebook.

Read Mary Lee Tracy’s comments on Facebook.

Who should replace Valeri?

My vote would be K.J. Kindler. But I doubt she would be interested in leaving Oklahoma.


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2 thoughts on “in defence of Valeri Liukin”

  1. I don’t think that this is the entire reason that he was facing pressure to resign… several of his former athletes have spoken or posted publicly recently about conduct at WOGA that they seem to consider abusive, and I’ve heard that several more have spoken to USAG directly. He seems to have put a lot of pressure on his athletes to lose weight in unhealthy ways. I’m sure USAG is especially nervous about any possible complaints or concerns about athlete treatment because of the media attention right now, and this obviously played a role, but I think that Valeri’s resignation probably has to do with his treatment of athletes when he was a club coach as well.


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