Facebook page – Thank You to my Gymnastics Coach


Amanda Turner:

As the gymnastics community struggles to pick up the pieces following the Larry Nassar tragedy — which revealed allegations of physical, sexual and psychological abuse by gymnastics coaches — a grassroots movement has begun to reshape the sport and its image. Coach and educator Tony Retrosi says it’s time to recognize the tremendous work of the amazing gymnastics coaches who have influenced so many athletes in a healthy and positive way.

Retrosi, the head coach and owner of Atlantic Gymnastics Training Centers, started the “Thank You to my Gymnastics Coach” page on Facebook (Facebook.com/Thankscoach), because he wants to remind the public that the majority of gymnastics coaches shouldn’t be lumped in with the kind who make headlines for harming athletes. …

Retrosi: It’s Time to Say #ThanksCoach

With the criminal doctor going to prison for life, and the systems that supported him for decades under investigation, I’m hopeful that we can finally start looking at all the good done by Gymnastics coaches around the world.

I’m very thankful for my coaches from 50 years ago. They helped shape the person I am today.

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